Yangzhou Jinrun Drahtfördergurte Herstellung GmbH(WMB)

Dekorative Gurte


Material can be:

Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass or Galvanised steel and can be anodised or powder coated.

WMB decoration mesh is an ideal way to add texture or character to a room while also allowing for light and air to flow in freely.

In the same vein as curtain decor, our woven wire range provides you with a plethora of options for decorative tools that can be tailored to suit any design palette. We can also outfit balustrades on staircases and other building areas.

On a more basic design level, were also able to offer our clients custom perforating services. We can perforate almost any material, from stainless steel and aluminium to copper and brass.

Whats more, we can also tailor the hole shape, size, pitch and open area to your specific requirements.


Another exciting option for facades is our Atmosphere system, which can increase building comfort while also helping the environment.

Atmosphere can be used to retrofit existing buildings with folded perforated panels combined with tensioned stainless steel cables. This creates a facade that floats from the building envelope, providing infinite variability and measured sustainability outcomes by reducing heat within.

However, unlike other facade treatments, Atmosphere allows internal occupants to have clear vision of the space outside while also letting natural daylight penetrate.


Another option if youre looking to escape the harsh glare of the sun is WMB Expanded metal sunscreen mesh.

This mesh can be used above windows, entrances, walkways or along the entire length of a structures perimeter.

Reduced glare can make buildings more comfortable and boost the productivity of those within while also protecting interior design.

Whether youre in the market for fixing systems that can be incorporated into your designs or off the shelf products that can be included in both internal and external applications

Key application

It can be used for decorating small or large areas, especially for architecture.

It can be also used as partition wall, folding screen, curtain, balcony, corridor, and so on.



1. any size and any color is available

2. easily install

3. Any material available

4. lively decorational effect

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