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This kind of belt is made of flat wires, such as diameter 1.0*1.2mm, or 1.2*1.5mm. Various types of round wire mesh belting are available, including but not limited to: Balanced weave, Double-Balanced weave, Compound Balance weave, Gratex balanced weave belting.
Key words
Round Wire Belt, Round Wire Mesh Belting, Straight Running Belts, Positive Driven Belt, Balance Weave Conveyor Belts
Description of Many kinds of Typical Flat Wires Mesh Belt
Balanced belting –an economical weave with high tensile strength and minimal tendency to track to either side of the drive pulley. These features make the balanced belt a most suitable belt for many applications.
Double-Balanced –consisting of pairs of interlaced right- and left-hand spirals, suitable for ambient medium- and high-temperature applications.
Compound Balance –right-hand and left-hand spirals fitted closely together for a smooth, dense weave. It is excellent for conveying very fine or small products, as well as unstable or top-heavy items. The compound balanced belt is used extensively in baking cookies, crackers, and snack foods.
Gratex –similar to balanced belting except that the spirals are more closely wound, with a straight rod connector, producing a stronger, semi-closed mesh ideal for carrying small parts and heavy loads.

Key using industries

solar industries, food industries, electronics
Key application

solar, food processing, food conveying, packaging, electronics

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