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Honeycomb Belt is also called Flat Wire Belt.The flat wires are arranged in the form of lattice and jointed with the straight cross rods.

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WMB Flat wire belt tracks better because they are constructed with no gaps between the pickets.
·       Improved tracking
·       Better product stability
·       Clinched edges or welded edges
There is no product tippage, vibration, sprocket jumping or adjustment shimmy. With the precise flat wire belt design, it’s impossible for parallel-ogramming to occur.
Clinched edges form a clean, smooth selvage which prevents the wire belt from necking down and hanging up on the side of the conveyor. Since the metal belt edge has not been metallurgically altered through the welding process, it is stronger and lasts longer.

Many clients choose the Welded edges since they are also clean and smooth in WMB,and more economical than clinched ones.

Two patterns

Straight Running and Turn Curving

Two different edges

the edge for the straight running flat wire belt is fixed,the connecting rod and flat plate cannot move, and the width of the two sides are the same.

SUS304, SS316, SS316L, carbon steel or any kind as customers need

Key using industries

Food Processing,Building Products, Carpet Manufacturing

Key applications

Baking, Curing, Freezing, General products conveying, Ovens, Washing Product, Handling Systems, Sorting Systems, Drying System, Cooling System


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