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Key words

fuel filter, gasoline filter, diesel filter 


Resistance to high temperature more than 1000 with various acid-base corrosion resistance.
Good permeability and the even porosity.
Excellent mechanical strength and good dust containing capacity ,never disturb the liquid passing through, effectively conduct the multilayer and tridimensional filter.
High quality with 100% Leakproofness Test 
This kind of filter bases on honeycomb ceramic substrate, whose materials are cordierite or carborundum. It could trap the particulate matter from diesel exhaust emissions, so they are applied to cars, buses, trucks and etc.


The necessary property of honeycomb ceramic catalyst substrate used in cars as follows:

 High specific surface area: ensure exhaust gas could contact weigh catalyst enough.

 Stable water absorption: guarantee catalyst could be firmly and evenly coated on the surface of substrate, so its no waste for too thick coating.

 Warm-up characters: after starting up engine, the temperature of substrate could reach the active temperature of catalyst in a shortest time.

 Low exhaust resistance: ask exhaust resistance of substrate to engine low, so that it won’t affect the performance of engine

 high intensity: substrates can work in bumpy cars, so the intensity of substrates must be too high to be destroyed

 Perfect assembly: substrates are parts of exhaust; perfect appearance and exact dimension could ensure assembly perfect.


cordierite silicon carbide


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