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High temperture belt can be used for sintering,brazing,hardening,firing,tempering,lehr...It is important to select the right belt type and material which can endure elevated temperature.

Key words

sintering furnace belt, high temperature belt, firing furnace belt, furnace belt


Many types of the firing furnace conveyor belts can be made with selvages which are either welded, ladder or knuckled, but also with reinforced selvages & guard edges and if drive chains are needed.

The belt has following types: EDGE SUPPORT ONES, STAND-OFF ONES,etc.

Material selection is also dependent on processing conditions, but generally those shown below are selected for continuous conveying at elevated temperatures of 600 to 1150 deg C.
25/20 AISI 314 stainless steel, Ni-Cr 37/18, Ni-Cr 37/18 Cb, Ni-Cr 80-20, Inconel 600 & 601
Key using industries

Heat treatment,solar industries
Key applications

carbo nitriding, continuous ovens for heat treatment, hardening, normalizing, sintering and brazing, solution heat-treatment

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