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Ladder Belt is also called chocolate conveyor belt which is made by assembling bent stainless steel wires.
Key words

Ladder Belt, Straight Running Belts, Positive Drive Ladder Belt

This innovative design lasts significantly longer than other flex-style belts
·         Hinges rather than flexing
·         Lasts 10x longer than traditional flex-style belts
·         Eliminates edge curling, snags and tangling
As proven by rigorous testing and product developing, Ladder Belt is a more durable alternative to the existing versions of metal strand belting.

When the competitor’s belt goes around nose-bar and sprockets, the strands flex at the joints and break prematurely. But Ladder Belt actually hinges around rather than flexing, which reduces metal fatigue and dramatically increases belt life. 

WMB components are designed with compound angles that hinge at each contact point, reducing stress and maintaining structural soundness.
This design also enhances the true tracking nature of the belt by providing better tracking, with no edge curling, snags, or tangling.
Key using industries

Electronics, Food Processing
Key application

Baking, Battering, Breading, General Product Conveying

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WMB belts can be driven by sprockets of stainless steel or plastic




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